Philips QT4005/15 Trimmer Unboxing and Review

This is a budget friendly offering from the electronics giant Philips.

Purchase Decision

The things that propelled my purchase decision are,

  1. Philips brand has a good name tin the grooming products category
  2. The minimum trim size of 0.5 mm and the 0.5 mm steps.
  3. 2 yrs warranty – More on this later
  4. Unmatched price.

Buying process and Price

I bought the trimmer from Ebay India website for Rs 960 with shipping. The seller shipped the product on the second day after payment. Currently the Philips Qt 4005 /15 is available at the cheapest from website where it will cost only Rs 848 ( 824 + Rs 24 shipping).

The Box

The retail box contained the following items.

  1. The QT 4005/15 trimmer
  2. Charger
  3. Cleaning brush
  4. Leaflets on usage, cleaning and warranty

See the full unboxing of Qt 4005/15 trimmer


The trimmer comes pre-charged so you can use it right away. The slider sets the lock in length for cutting and the big on ff switch is conveniently placed.The proprietary charging port is at the bottom.

Trimming with this machine is smooth and there were no cuts during the trimming even with the comb ( one that moves when the length is adjusted )removed. But I suggest keeping the comb in place as this greatly reduces the scattering of hair bits.

Charging time is 10 hrs and usage time is about 35 minutes . But I am yet to use wither of these scales to its fullest.

Here is a photo if you want to know how a 0.5 mm trim looks like

Trimmed stubble

Cleaning – The combĀ  and the blades can be detached from the body and washed with water but no water should enter the body. For cleaning the body you need to use the supplied brush.

Guarantee – the product comes with a 2 yr world-wide guarantee which can be extended to 3 yrs if you register your product at Philips website.

Many users had difficulty in finding the product number for the qt 4005/15 trimmer. The product serial number is located at the back of the trimmer itself not on the retailĀ  box as suggested by the philips website. There are some engraved logos and texts on the back of the product. The serial number of the qt 4005 / 15 is the 4 digit number just below the philips logo (see picture).

Serial Number of philips qt 4005/15 trimmer

There are some letters on either side of the 4 digit serial number (NL9256AD-4). You can omit them while registering your product. In my case the final number was 9256.

You also need to know the purchase date of the product as the guarantee starts at that date.

One you are successfully registered you will get a contract number and the expiry date of your product.

Registering philips qt 4005/15 trimmer

The glitches

The ‘no comb’ state of the trimmer is equivalent to the 0.5 mm trim size. But when I tried to trim without the comb in place, the hair started to fall all over the place.

It is difficult to clean the inside of the body as it has some small pits where hair gets lodged.

The product should not be used in plugged-in state as it does not support wired usage.

The Verdict

Overall its is a good product at a great price. A good buy if this is your first trimmer.